News; Auto CDP

Published: Friday 21 March, 2014

The auto CDP Pro database provides a deep OBD2 generic and manufacturer specific coverage of European Cars like MB, BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche, Volvo, SAAB, Jaguar,Land Rover etc,and intensely good coverage of Japanese and United states Cars.

Auto CDP Plus is often a quick and reliable diagnostic tool serving as being a link between vehicle and computer. Auto CDP Plus works on old and new vehicles.

With auto cdp CARS, it is possible to perform brand specific diagnostics for cars and lightweight vans from 1988 onwards. Earnings of 47 different brands.

With auto cdp TRUCKS software package, you'll be able to perform brand specific diagnostics for light and heavy commercial vehicles, buses and trailers from 1995 onwards.A complete of 37 different brands. 

The diagnostic program GENERIC is ideal for the legislation based diagnostics, specially focused on emission related fault codes. GENERIC is included in Vehicles packages. Multiplexer function, 2xHS CAN (ISO 11898-2), SW CAN (SAE J2411), K/L (ISO 9141-2), VPW (J1850), PWM (J1850), RS485 (J1708), TTL and (SPI, analog in, 5volt out)

I Wonder Which Auto CDP To purchase?

Mr. Ciulla, I am considering on two different version Auto CDP pro scan tools. Either the Auto CDP 2 in 1 ars or trucks or AUTO CDP + 3 in 1: Cars, Trucks, Generic. You will find there's difference of about $ 120.00.

The Auto Cars and trucksis the most up-to-date model auto CDP from china,and also the sophisticated. Such a type Auto CDP Pro is 2-in-1 Auto Diagnostic head, not only gets the all function of Auto CDP Cars,and and also the all function of auto CDP trucks, this kinds auto CDP works extremely well on the cars,may also be used with your trucks, n't want any change. very
easy, have fun with this.

The difference is:

2012 Release 2 Auto CDP+ can be a diagnostic tool used in combination with your personal computer or Pocket PC and Autos powerful CARS Diagnostic software,turning it into a strong and flexible tool for all vehicle shops, fleet owners, vehicle testing, road service, police and war machine.

I have to use auto CDP scan tool for several years and never want something which will be obsolete in five years. Both models say they will look into the CAN codes that is to be found in the longer term.

I did so an appraisal for the Auto CDP pro Scanner and was happy while using ease of use and gratifaction. I still think it is a good deal to the DIY.

As far as what type to get, if it were me, I would choose the Auto CDP 3-in-1. an Auto CDP 2-in-1 are able to match them. The Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol are going to be employed by everybody along with, I think, Auto CDP enhanced OBD-II Codes.

When the extra $115.00 is not really a worry, then choose the Auto CDP 3-in-1. When I buy electronics,Auto scan tools, DVD players, computers or anything, I am inclined to over buy. I've found that when i use something and learn to make use of all the capabilities I
always end up upgrading.

Also, In my opinion Auto CDP will improve in future, and have absolutely more obd-ii function, and not need it as opposed to to need it
and never contain it.