News; How To Use GM Tech2

Published: Sunday 17 November, 2013

Can GM Tech 2 support diagnosis & Programming? Today introduces the GM Tech2, TIS2000 and 32MB card for GM tech2, and declare what’s the partnership included in this.
Does Tech 2 Scanner can diagnose?
Yes, it could possibly. The Tech-2 is the identical tester GM Technicians use to GM vehicles. The Vetronix GM Tech 2 Scanner is included with Authentic GM software and support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru 2010.
Does GM tech 2 can program?
Yes, it can, and you need additionally buy software TIS2000. It is TIS2000 software for GM TECH2, especially for GM car model. It really is used for programming.TIS2000 support cars until 2007 year.
Does 32MB card have to use combined with GM tech 2?
Yes, 32MB card need to take in addition to tech2. 32MB card for GM tech 2 includes a 32MB PC Card rich in the most recent release GM Software. Blends with GM TECH2, contain the latest software for GM TECH2.It's four varieties of software, SABA, OPEL, GM, ISUZU. Customer can select wedding and reception software to get loaded to the 32MB Card.
There are lots of other products sold at, in case you will need buy other product just like the auto scanner: launch x431 series product it's significant powerful functions. It might do for ABS, SRS, Engine and the like. Moreover, there are a few creader, just like the crp123, and also the crp129 arrive out by the end with this month OCT.