News; Auto CDP Pro for cars Activation, S/N, Hardware key, firmware

Published: Friday 21 March, 2014

Auto CDP pro for cars
Turned off your net connection and run program.
Then write the S/N and Hardware Key and click on on on "Activate via USB". The S/W's they're going to right several things about it!
So, devote your USB slot your USB Tool and you should have the FileActivation.xml file.
On your Auto Cars CDP Installation/Activation you'll use those Details:
Serial Number = 30250
Auto CDP pro for cars China clone doesn’t support firmware upgrade
I paste one dialogue from a forum, seam the replier try and tell the asker the best way to update firmware following the answer’s auto cdp pro is dropped down.
Q: You will want to consider firmware upgrade? I've not tested this yet...Should it functions good?
A: U must connect VCI after which upgrade 
Q: Dad dropped my auto over a lawn, nevertheless the impact wasn’t hard and yes it was from 40cm height, now when Itry for getting in-tuned it, it says FIRMWARE ERROR. Will you must update it? Or what / things I and it also disapproves VCI FOUND :/ I don’t know whether it’s utilizing up to date software because I want to release 1 before
A: Just update Firmware 
Q: Should i need a web based link with reach that goal? The other more thing how can i update? Should i connect it via USB or?
A: No U don`t needed,just connect the auto to computer via usb and press update 
Q?Doesn’t work! it disapproves power is connected, i can see across the auto device until this LINK is on however , not power, it provides me with 3 options or faqs
1: no power is connected
2: wrong com port
3: the USB is wrong connected
A: is apparently broken, must repair.
Conclusion, actually auto CDP pro china clone doesn’t support firmware update.