News; 5054A Install Problem Q&A

Published: Tuesday 04 March, 2014

Q: There are two Pieces of CD in the 5054A V1.2.2 , do they both need to be installed? 

A: Yes, they need. Please watch the video on 5054a V1.2.2 installation in the column “video”, it step-by-step shows how to install 5054a V1.2.2, if you can’t find the video, please contact us. 

Q: After 5054A is connected to the car, the indicator light does not work, it could work before, 5054A is broken? 

A: Try to test the other car models, if the indicator light still not work, and then contact us for further help. 

Q: VAS 5054a can work when communicate via Bluetooth, but not work Via USB. What’s wrong? 

A: there are 3 possible reasons: 1) the computer electricity leak away, in this case don’t plug the power into the PC/notebook, or change another computer to test. 2) Maybe the USB cable has problem, try to change another one cable. 3) VAS5054A has problem, in this case, please immediately contact us. 

Q: When install 5054A, the main unit indicator light doesn’t flash, the main unit has problem? 

A: Please successfully complete install 5054A software before to connect the car with 5054A main unit, then the indicator light will flash. 

Q: This week, 5054A only can work via USB not work Via Bluetooth, it could work before. Can I reset the Bluetooth and how? By the way, the Bluetooth pairing is not successful. 

A: try to change a Bluetooth adapter or use the computer Bluetooth to match, if it still could not work, change another computer or computer system to reinstall the 5054a software.