News; FQA Of ELM327

Published: Thursday 06 March, 2014

Q: Will ELM327 assist diesel and petrol engines?I do believe that problem can be solved with multiple apps for ELM327 scanner,well , i imagine that this scanner is capable of supporting all engine types,but we still did not communicate. 

A: ELM327 will continue to work when you have software which is appropriate for the auto. The ELM 327 is only the interface chip, the program you purchase or download will settle if or otherwise not it is possible to connect. Generally speaking, whether or not it's obd2, it will work. 

Q: For elm 327, customer cannot connect on one of the com port settings, how do they are doing? 

A: Should you encounter this example, pls email us. We are going to send data to you for instructions to fix this problem. 

Q: Will be difference among elm327 (plastic) elm327 (metal box) and Bluetooth elm327? Can they update? 

A: For these three types of elm 327, they've already a similar functions. The only real difference could be the interface. The plastic elm327 only have USB interface; the metal box elm327 has two interfaces: USB interface and COM interface; the Bluetooth one doesn’t have any interface, it operates by the Bluetooth. 

Due to this elm 327, they each cannot update. 

Q:Can elm327 do his cars?1) 1997 GM Saturn 2) 1998 Toyota 4Runner 3) 2000 Dodge caravan. 

A: The accessible cars and unavailable cars are extremely indexed by details on our website, you can examine it on our website, if you fail to see your car type, and it means it wouldn't do your car or truck. 

Q: The version of software and hardware for elm 327? 

A: The version for applications are 1.12v, and the version of hardware is 1.5v.