News; GM Tech2 with Candi and GM Opel Tis

Published: Sunday 09 March, 2014

GM Tech2 GM Scanner may be the special diagnostic tool for GM Vehicles. They are available in Authentic GM software and gives support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems. It’s with Large, easy-to-read backlit screen. The Tech 2 is ideal for use by trained service personnel only. It is develped with the sole function of diagnosing and repairing automotive systems with electronic controls and interfaces. Tech 2 is not only for GM vehicles, furthermore , it supports Opel, Suzuki, Isuzu, Holden export and Australia Holden. Nevertheless , you must buy more 32 MB PCMCIA Card because each card might be with only one software. 
Here is the details coverage year and version for each Tech-2 software:

1. GM 1991-2013 V32.008 software
2. OPEL 1997-2013 V151.001 software
3. SAAB-2010 software
4. SUZUKI 2006-2010 V107.021 software
5. ISUZU 1996-2009 V01.210.02 software
6. Holden Export 1999-2012 V147.000 software
7. Australia Holden1999-2012 V143.000 software
Many users will get together some problems when using this GM Tech-2. For instance, Whether it are not able to find Candi after power it on, please sign up for the VCI and hang it in again to use. In the event the screen is way too dark, you'll be able to adjust the brightness and contrast just like the following steps:
1. Press the Shift once(amber status indicator light above Shift lights up).
2. Deplete and down arrows to regulate screen brightness and contrast.
3. Press Shift key again when desierd brightness is readched(status indicator light above Shift is off).
Should the vehicle connection is failed, please check whether you connect the candi fine and whether often used the Candi Module is attached after you power them back.
Whether or not this notices you that it needs password while you are installing GM or Opel Tis, please be sure you e mail us for cracked files if you purchase it from cnautotool because it's not in the CD.