News; Volvo Vida Dice

Published: Tuesday 11 March, 2014

Car problem: Air blower with a 2003 Volvo S40 kept running the second your vehicle owner first turn on the ignition key when the engine is actually cold. Air blower could hardly be controlled by corresponding switch. 

Generate income solved the problem: 

1.Troubleshot the challenge with an OBD2 tool. I often tried Volvo Vida Dice to diagnose if there was clearly an issue with air blower, but did not get any trouble code. This meant the issue wasn't with engine control units around the car. 

2.Checked the automobile connection carefully. I obtained down checking the air blower, the switch and cables that connected it. Them all were fine. After having a further analysis, I thought the problem really should be with blower resistor. 

3.Removed the blower resistor, wrote down its model and experimented with get hold of a an alternative one to accomplish a test. However, as i traveled to a motor vehicle part shop to get a brand new blower resistor, the wholesaler informed me the resistor ought to be sold alongside the blower assembly, which has been pricey altogether. The auto owner said he couldn't afford this. 

4.I needed no choice but attemptedto hear a more specific problem. I learned that there was a higher power audion inside blower resistor. I welded from the audion and tested it with MST-2800B digital multimeter. Based on the test result, the audion was seriously damaged. 

5.Bought an audion of the identical model from your market and welded it within the air blower. 

6.Tested the vehicle. The situation vanished.