News; MaxiDas DS708 Test And Process

Published: Thursday 13 March, 2014

First, Connect MaxiDas DS708 to the Vehicle 

Connect DS708 on the vehicle’s data link connector (DLC) with communication cable. The DLC is frequently located 12 inches under control panel dash. 

Second, Identifying your vehicle with Maxidas 708 

Option 1: Select manually on the main menu. 

During testing, the possibilities open for that vehicle and ECU being tested can look within the DS708 screen. 

1. Choose the number of producer by highlighting menu option (USA, European or Asian). 

2. Press the producer answer to enter a different screen. A dialog box you want to shows the loading process, wait until compete. 

You might want to complete a series of selections to get your automobile. 

For a lot of in the vehicle, Autel DS708 identify vehicle process is not needed. Component test screen appear at this time already and permits you to perform the component test. 

Option 2: Choose between the car Record and choose the auto ID on the list. 

Note: This choice in DS708 is merely available to those that have Auto Scan function. We take Honda as an example. 

3. The following screen displays and wants your confirmation, click Yes to pick out or click No to exit. 

4. Then this screen shows the communication status. 

5. The Information screen shows and asks you to input correct ODO value. Make use of the virtual keyboard to get in. 

1) Drag the virtual keyboard with stylus to relocate. 

2) Utilize the keyboard to fill in the panel considering the information as desired. 

3) Select OK to complete and close the dialog box. 

Optionally, make use of the drop-down dialog box to discover the vehicle if your previous recode can be purchased. 

Option 3: Select by OBD II Quick Test 

OBDII/ EOBD can be used use a quick test to the users, within this section, the vehicle is usually tested directly without completing the auto identification process for MaxiDas DS708.