News; Ford VCM IDS FAQ

Published: Tuesday 18 March, 2014

Ford VCM IDS is incredibly popular in Ford automobile owners, our company is hot sale now, here' fix some frequently question about Ford VCM IDS, hope we are able to assist you learn about Ford VCM IDS

Q: Between Rotunda Dealer VCM IDS and XVCI Ford VCM, I don't pick which one, is it possible to supply some suggest?
A: Actually, then function of two products is comparable. Once you start using, the XVCI Ford VCM must install driver, and Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM don’t have to install the motive force.

Q: Does Ford VCM are capable of doing truck?
A: The Ford VCM IDS (VCM) cannot do truck, please notice don't use the crooks to do truck, or it'll damage it.

Q: while i used Ford VCM V81 JLR, it's did not connect it, and also the indicator occur in red right? Why? Can it be device is broken?
A: Do not worry about this. A few you install the software successfully, whether or not the cable is connect well between VCM and Ford Car. After which connect the VCM RTL8150 specific geographic area connection, confirm the receiving date, and then sending under local area connection is working.

Q: if we installing the Ford VCM IDS (VCM), what is the purpose to penetrate the consumer name and password?
A: It is a installation license, enables you to far more convenient to run Ford VCM IDS (VCM).

Q: Where would be the software programming menu of Ford VCM V81 JLR? I cannot think it is.
A: you'll be able to contact the purchaser service. Extend Programming file will help you solve the situation.