News; DS708

Published: Saturday 22 March, 2014

As we consider the car repair center ,i am going to emerge from the car diagnostic tools .a lof of tools be provided with our sight .

Sometimes ,we're feeling baffled through which to pick out ,we would rather hear some peopel share some useful experience to us ,are you experiencing the some feeling ?

Today ,i share you my experience of Autel DS708 ,like people ,when i first feel stress about this tools ,take us a fortune , but i worry whether it go a long way for my car repair center ,because i require the bucks worth this tools .

While i personally use almost about one year ,the situation is ok ?So ,today i share it is possible to news effortlessly you .

Autel MaxiDAS® DS708 can be a universal car diagnostic tool. It could actually diagnose Asian, European and American car models. For a few functions, it gives reached for a similar level considering that the original one. Due to the functions and quality, it really is popular on garage and drivers.
As Autel DS708 can update online, someone finds some might’t update it online, what is the problem?

What causes this issue? The correct answer is your Facts system. The simplest way to solve it? This is actually the detailed instruction:
1) Go to, it is possible to enter it while using user name: sales and password: sales98
2) Discover the software and download this program for the Sdcard.
3) Placed the Sdcard into the DS708 and turn it on and permit process run on its own.
After to control your feelings, your DS708 will probably be OK.

Once i initial my DS708, I believe it can be can’t be on, exactly what is the problem?
Just for this problem, allow me to share the steps:
1) Get the Facts, and then established your device. Evaluate if it is possible to enter in the interface that prompt there is absolutely no Facts
2) If you have this prompt, then you can certainly definitely directly insert the Sdcard towards card slot. Determine if you possibly can say hello to the homepage.
For those who have still no any reaction, then maybe the internal operating-method is destroyed. Please notify us, we'll send the update software for your requirements.