Published: Tuesday 25 March, 2014

SUBARU SSM-III SSM3 scanner is done by ALLSCANNER company, which mainly useful for SUBARU 12V and 24V models after Year 1999.  Basic functions including full system diagnose, Immobilizer, Reprogram, Oscilloscope and many others. Multi-language including English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Q: Performs this software needs activation before use? The way to activate the application? Do you want to charge money for software activation?
A: Yes. Software needs activation. Currently the activation service free of charge. If you install the application, you'll get the serial number (Format like V91XG02111) along with the activation code (Format like 90637561048621277462856301102638).Please send it to We're going to resend you another activation file.
Don't open it, just directly put it to use on your software. Then applications are activated ready and you can use.

Q: Am i able to install the software program on multiple laptop? Or this software is fixed by IP and only can be utilized using one laptop?
A: You can install the software program on other laptop. But different laptop activation code will likely be changed and requirements activation again. Cannot utilize same activation file.

Q: Will this SSM-III Scanner work on other trucks besides SUBARU? such as toyota, mitsubishi and so on?
A: No. This one only be employed by Subaru.