News; Carprog Full V5.31 FAQ

Published: Friday 04 April, 2014

Are interested carprog full update version? Need 2013 new carprog? OBD2Tuning Carprog 5.31 version new release now. Below we sharing some FAQ of Carprog full v5.31.

Q: The function S7.8 (browse the EOS password in the GOLF) in the product cannot be used. The mistake message displayed isn't connected, however the interface connection is fine. I tried two different cars, but it is still doesn't work. I'd really like ought to, bed not the culprit this happening?
A: Try the function of 93c46 EEPROM read and write. After which you can know if the product is fine.

Q: The product carprog can reset or copy the Renault Grand Scenic 2000 UCH?
A: No.

Q: Carprog full doesn't work on the Honda dashboard features?
A: It can not work the function of dashboard normal. since this product jst be found to do the airbag well, others functions seriously isn't well.

Q: Why the product or service was limited the regularity?
A: In the event the time has expired, it must switch the signal from another computer, copy of the software of the CD. If the upgrading is locked, it'll need to send back it to correct.