News; BST-760 Battery System Tester

Published: Thursday 17 April, 2014

Usually when you use the BST-760 Battery System Tester to try and do the charging test,you may get among the several results as soon as you finish the test.On the watch's screen,you can observe the valid charging volts, charging test result and the ripple test result.

First,when there shows the charging volt is “Normal”,then the charging system shows the generator output is typical and has not detected any problem.

Should the charging volt in the charging product is low,then you definately should read the generator drive belt and discover if there occurs slip or running off on there.From then on,look into the connection relating to the generator and also the battery to see whether it is normal. When the generator drive belt as well as the connection involving the generator along with the battery are all in good shape,function the manufacturer suggests to remove generator fault.

If there shows that the charging volt or perhaps the generator output volt is high,you'll need to alter the generator.Now a lot of the vehicle generators are choosing the built-in regulator ,in case your vehicle just use the built-in generator,it is best to get a new generator assembly;if your vehicle uses external regulator,just replace the regulator is fine.

Once there shows no volt output, this means on generator volt output is detected,it is advisable to look at the generator connecting cable, the drive belt of generator plus the engine,cause them to all in good condition.